Grand lodge of Pa


On behalf of the Master, Officers, and Members of St. John’s #115, Free, and Accepted Masons, welcome! St. John’s Lodge was chartered in 1810 and has enjoyed a rich history that can be viewed here.

Meetings and Information

St. John’s Lodge #115 meets on the second Monday of each month, except July and August, at 7:00 PM sharp, in Oriental Hall at the Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.  Visitors are welcome. Extra meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 7:30 PM for the conferral of degrees with dinner at 6:30. If you are coming from out of state, click here for further information.

The Temple is home to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and is one of the great architectural masterpieces of the United States.

2017 Officers:


Erik Krogstad, W.M.
Michael Jaspan, S.W.
Nicholas Vettese, J.W.
Robert S. Santoro, P.M., Secretary
Henry A. Seigel, P.M., Treasurer



What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is perhaps the oldest fraternity still active today, publicly organized in 1717 with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England and based upon traditions at least as old as the late 14th century. It is dedicated to the cause of helping good men become the best husbands, fathers, brothers, and citizens that they can be. It teaches and instills enduring virtues like truth, honor, integrity, charity, perseverance, service, equality, liberty, and justice. Men of good character from all races and creeds, who can express a belief in a Deity and in the immortality of the soul, are welcomed through its doors. For more information please click this link for more information and brochure about our fraternity.

No one is asked or invited to become a Freemason. Men with interest in becoming a part of our Fraternity, with an honest and heartfelt desire to be a Mason, must come to us of their own free will. If you would like to join us in this journey, please take a look at our information on How To Join this honorable Fraternity.