MembershipHow do I become a Mason?

 Asking this question is the first step in the process. Every man above the age of 18, who is of a good moral character, and who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being can apply for membership in our fraternity.

The second step is to  complete a Petition for the Degrees of Freemasonry which we can provide for you if you express an interest through our Contact page. Joining The World’s Oldest Fraternity is a process that includes several more steps. After contacting us you will be contacted by a Freemason that lives near you.  We also require that anyone who petitions the Lodge not have been convicted of a felony

Once you have completed the petition and obtained the required 2 signatures, you should submit your petition to the Secretary of the Lodge, who will read it at the next business or “stated” meeting. These occur on the second Monday of each month. An investigation committee of three members will be appointed, and one or more members of that committee will contact you to schedule a time when they can meet with you in person. The purpose of this interview is to allow the committee to get to know you, to review the answers on your petition, and to get a sense of why you are interested in becoming a Freemason. They will likely ask you to arrange this interview at a time when they can meet with your family as well. This will give the members of your family a good opportunity to ask questions about Masonry and about our experiences in the fraternity.

At the following business meeting (typically one month later), the investigation committee will return their reports, and the Lodge will vote upon your petition. If you are elected to receive the Degrees, a member of the Lodge will contact you to congratulate you and schedule your first degree in Masonry.

It is a relatively simple process, but if you have any questions or comments about the petition or about Masonry in general, please ask on our Contact page